Eviction Defense

The law prohibits a landlord from taking certain actions against a tenant. For example, your landlord is not allowed to lock you out of the unit. They may not change or add locks, or in any other way prevent you from entering the unit, even in a case where you are behind in rent.

Your landlord is not allowed to shut off utilities, unless it is to make repairs. A landlord cannot shut off utilities if you are behind in rent, or to try to force you to move out. The landlord also may not intentionally fail to pay the utility bills in order to obtain disconnection.

The landlord cannot take your belongings unless you are behind in rent and you abandon the unit, and it it is illegal to include a clause in the rental agreement that allows the landlord to take your belongings. The landlord is not allowed to take "retaliatory actions" against you for taking legal action against him/her.

Your landlord is never allowed to physically force you to leave the property. Only the sheriff can physically move you off the property. The landlord must win an eviction case in court in order to get the sheriff involved.

The Law Offices of Marc E. Wiener have 35 years of experience in protecting tenants, we can help if you have been served an eviction notice.